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  • Client: Tourism Australia
  • Project Date: 28th April 2015

EO Design provided a state-of-the-art Audio Visual Solution for Tourism Australia’s new head office in the Sydney CBD


EO Design has recently undertaken the design and construction of the Audio Visual and Video Conferencing systems for Tourism Australia in the Sydney CBD, consisting of a total of 15 spaces over 2 floors. The meeting spaces and room types include:

  • Two fully integrated executive boardrooms with video conferencing
  • Presentation and collaboration rooms
  • Breakout and reception areas

Tourism Australia required a complete end to end communication and collaboration audio visual solution. The scope of works included:

  • Interactive electronic whiteboard LCD monitors
  • High definition display systems in each meeting space
  • Video projection system
  • Polycom video conferencing
  • Audio visual connection points in each meeting space
  • MATV
  • Wireless wall docked AMX iPad controllers in every meeting space
  • AMX DVX Enova based system utilising both point to point and matrix routing
  • Audio visual cabling
  • Programming, testing and commissioning of all services
  • Full and comprehensive training on all aspects of the installation during commissioning and testing

Reception Video Wall

The reception area consists of a video wall in a 2×2 configuration utilising NEC 55″ ultra narrow bezel LCD monitors for a stunning visual experience. A ceiling speaker system delivers high performance audio without being visually obtrusive. A wall docked wireless iPad controller provides control of the video wall. The primary purpose of the video wall is digital signage which is used for displaying advertisements and information along with the ability to view Foxtel and free to air television networks.

Executive Boardrooms

Two state-of-the-art boardrooms provide the necessary collaboration and presentation facilities necessary for Tourism Australia to perform a host of various meetings both internally and with external parties via dedicated room video conferencing facilities. The larger boardroom consists of a high end Sharp 80″ interactive whiteboard LCD installed onto a custom metal work frame designed by EO Design engineers to meet the demanding mounting location of this large display.

There are a number of new display screens installed to complement the existing screens, one of which is a massive 103 inch Panasonic Plasma, located in the foyer. This screen display’s both Digital Signage and high definition television signals.

A Polycom video conferencing system delivers the necessary technologies required for an end to end video conferencing solution.

Retractable table microphones provide audio pick up for video conferencing calls whilst fitting in with the architectural design of the boardroom.

A JBL/BSS digital audio system allows for a seamless audio experience with Acoustic Echo Cancellation processing which prevents echo during video conferencing calls. Ceiling speakers deliver high performance sound.

A BSS audio Blu-link audio input device mounted underneath the boardroom table allows for all table microphones to be connected and cabled back to the central equipment rack using only a single CAT-5 data cable.

An infrared hearing aid system provides hearing assistance for the hearing impaired.

An AMX control system featuring a wireless wall mounted iPad controller provides complete control of the Boardroom audio visual system, with the ability to make and receive video conferencing calls entirely through the touch panel.

Table connection points facilitate connection of VGA and HDMI source devices such as laptops for either presentation or VC content. Along with the ability to playback Bluray and DVD discs through a Bluray Player.