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  • Client: Murray-Darling Basin Authority
  • Project Date: ?

The Murray-Darling Basin Authority is the principal government agency in charge of managing the Murray-Darling Basin in an integrated and sustainable manner. The Authority (MDBA) is the statutory agency that manages, in conjunction with the Basin states, the Murray–Darling Basin’s water resources in the national interest. The Authority reports to the Australian Government Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities.

Eo Design was commissioned to design and install state of the art meeting rooms for managing the Murray-Darling Basin.


  • Deliver audio visual presentation systems for the Corowa Room, Red gum Room and Paroo Room
  • 100” motorised projection screens and ceiling mounted full HD 1080p projectors in each room
  • Audio conferencing for the Corowa Room utilising ceiling microphones
  • 2 x Wireless hand held microphones, 2 x Wireless head-worn microphones
  • Ceiling speaker systems
  • Central equipment rack
  • AMX based control system using custom tailored iPad user interface for system control
  • VGA + Audio and HDMI input in each room
  • Room linking allowing for a single source to be viewed across all three rooms simultaneously
  • DVD playback
  • Free to air television with parliamentary feed

AMX Enova DVX All In One Multimedia Presentation System:

An AMX Enova DVX all in one presentation switcher provides complete signal routing from any source to any display device as well serving as the control centre for all the devices.

AMX DX-link wall plates provide VGA and HDMI connectivity in each of the three rooms which cable back to the AMX Enova DVX device with only a single low cost data cable. Wall plates can situated up to a 100m away from the Enova device allowing for an uncluttered and cost effective audio visual system which greatly minimises the amount of devices required to achieve the desired outcome.

Audio System:

Ceiling speakers in each of the three rooms provide sound for all AV sources
A total of 4 wireless microphones provide sound reinforcement for speakers, consisting of two hand held and two head worn microphones.

Numerous Shure Ceiling microphones along with a Nexia TC teleconferencing sound processor in the Corowa Room allows the entire room to serve as a large telephone. Users can dial a number on the wall mounted iPad to any land line or mobile phone and the person on the line will be heard through the ceiling speakers with the ceiling microphones providing audio pick up for the call.

The audio head end system consists of a multichannel amplifier and a Nexia TC teleconferencing sound processor. The Nexia TC sound processor allows for fine tuning of the audio system with Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) of microphones preventing any feedback of microphones.