• Client: iSOFT

Interactive touch table multi screen presentation theatre.

iSoft appointed Eo to design, develop and install a multi media rich customer experience environment for their new office in Sydney. Eo engaged the creative services of Mental Media to present 3D concepts and images to enable the client to visualise the finished solution and worked with their architect and design team to produce an well planned integrated solution..

Visitors to iSOFT are immediately greeted with a clean and elegant white space accentuated with polished metal surfaces, LED lighting and glass edge plasma screens To the right of reception is a glass embryonic room that houses the experience theatre, often referred to as the “Pod”. The Pod accommodates up to 12 people in an immersive futuristic theatre style room and is acoustically isolated from the adjoining boardroom, meeting and demonstration rooms. The room is entered via a Star Wars style automated double airlock door system and once inside and seated you are faced with an imposing array of projection screens of different sizes and formats.

In the centre of the theatre is a 3.5 metre long white marblo slab that comes alive when the POD is switched on. The slab or table has hidden imbedded nano-wire gesture touch technology and uses overhead projection and Fingertapps software to turn the table into a fully interactive surface. This interactive table enables the presenter or clients to fully engage with the audio video content simply by touching the table’s surface, similar to the menu systems on iPOD or iPhones. The entire system is driven by a rack of high definition multimedia players utilising Medialon image processing and Watchout show control software. This co-ordinates and runs the LED effects lighting, hi fidelity EV multi channel surround system, LCD screens and Projection Design HD projectors.

This project represents the leading edge technology and capability of Eo Design in delivering unique and exciting audiovisual solutions.