• Client: Garvan Institute

The Garvan Institute of Medical Research is one of Australia’s leading biomedical research institutes, pioneering study into the most widespread diseases affecting our community today, including cancer, neurodegenerative and mental diseases, disorders of the immune system, diabetes and obesity, osteoporosis and other skeletal disorders.

The Garvan Institute required a complete revamp of their existing Auditorium. The performance goals were simple, deliver the best in sight and sound in each of the 300 seats. EO Design was selected as the premiere audio visual integrator to provide a turn key solution for the Garvan Institute from design to completion.


The capability to view highly complex graphical content in great detail was the main consideration. Panasonic’s latest 3 chip DLP WUXGA range of projectors proved to provide the best available image fidelity on the market at a cost far less than other projector makes.


Speech intelligibility with a high level of audio performance across the complete audio spectrum.

EO Design engaged Bose to develop an audio system to provide a high level of sound re-enforcement in every seat.

A double stack left and right of Bose MA12EX array speakers provided a tight vertical pattern with a long throw to reach the furthest seat in the auditorium.

A Bose Room Match RMS215 subwoofer provides the low frequency spectrum with great clarity and punch. The subwoofer was carefully installed underneath the stage in a custom built alcove with colour matching grille removing the subwoofer from sight.

The latest in audio amplifier technology, the Bose Power Match PM8500 multi-channel configurable digital amplifier provides complete versatility in any medium/large scale audio installation whilst providing extreme energy efficiency minimising power costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Listen Technology wireless RF hearing aid system provides hearing assistance for the hearing impaired without the need for major building works as would normally be required for the installation of a beneath floor copper induction loop system.

Switching and Control

AMX Enova DGX digital card configurable matrix switcher provides complete transport of digital video, audio and control signals over a single data cable between devices.

AMX DX Link end point devices at the lectern position allows for sending and receiving full resolution digital video signals to the Enova DGX frame for switching to the projector and video conferencing equipment. AMX DX Link devices can be installed at distances of up to 100 metres, far surpassing the limitations of traditional HDMI distances of 15m.

An AMX 19” panoramic touch panel at the lectern provides a seamless user control interface to the audio visual and lighting systems.

A wireless iPad running a custom AMX control application provides control at the bio box position.


Energy efficient LED house and stage lighting is present throughout the venue. LED lighting both reduces the power bill significantly as well eliminating the need to change lamps. Due to the design of the Auditorium, having to constantly move around access equipment to change light globes has proven difficult and cumbersome in the past, LED lighting provides a breath of fresh air in removing the need to constantly be changing globes for the staff. In turn also making significant savings and reducing the carbon foot print.

Video and Tele Conferencing

A dual camera Polycom HDX high definition video conferencing system enables video conferencing from the auditorium.

Both audience and presenter views are covered via two high definition Polycom Eagleye cameras.

Video conferencing calls can be made and received using the presenter AMX panoramic touch screen without the need for a separate remote control.

A BSS Audio BLU102 all in one teleconferencing DSP provides both teleconferencing and audio signal processing for the auditorium.

Interactive Feature

A 21.5” Interactive Wacom tablet provides live annotation over PC and Mac sources at the lectern.

Presenters are able to annotate over Mac or PC sources in real time and save annotated images during the presentation.