Eo Design Board Room, Sydney
  • Client: Eo Design Board Room, Sydney

Eo Design’s own boardroom was designed by our managing director Peter Guest.. “We needed a versatile space that could be used for adhoc meetings, video and audio conferencing or formal presentation to clients,. It had to be sexy and show off our workmanship and incorporate the latest technology both in AV and LED lighting”

The entry is via a touch screen panel that unlocks the custom stainless steel “Versace style” doors. The touch screen enables the room to be auto configured depending on the intended occupancy use. For example, if the room is to be used for videoconferencing then a touch of the button sets up the system, lowers the blinds and switches the correct lighting for this mode. For meeting use a different scene is set with this preset on the touch screen and the AV system is configured and ready for use with the LED down lights on the table switched to focus directly over the table.

Dual 65” plasma screens enable multi-media information to be displayed or shared in either VC or presentation mode. An additional wireless colour touch screen with docking station allows the user to control all aspects of the system including media transport controls, override of lighting and blind control and operate from anywhere within the room.

he custom table is made of Italian Onyx stone that has the unique property of being able to be backlit and highlight the depth and texture of its structure. Eo Design has used its sister company Eo Lighting to supply the energy efficient LED lighting to illuminate the table discretely from underneath . RGB colour change LED lighting can also be selected to backlight the plasma screens for further affect and mood settings. The table is also of unique trapezoidal shape to allow all participants to be in “in shot” of the camera when in video conference mode. This shape also allows the chairman to easily see all people seated around the table.

Green Environmentally friendly, zero halogen, non PVC cabling has been installed along with other energy saving equipment in keeping with Eo’s strong green building principals and approach to all of their projects.