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  • Client: Central Coast Grammar School
  • Project Date: August 2014

EO Design were invited by the prestigious Central Coast Grammar School to design and construct a comprehensive state of the art audio visual, lighting and staging system for their new $10m 750 seat Performing Arts Centre (PAC). As well as including the main performing arts stage, the centre has two rehearsal studios, four tutorial rooms and a fully fledged recording studio at the centre of it all.

The school believes that creative learners are confident learners and the performing arts offer a unique and dynamic platform for creativity and self-expression. Therefore our design needed to cater for many types of performances, ranging from a small solo acoustic set all the way to a large Rock Eisteddfod type of performance. Also, as the PAC will be the premier performance space on the NSW Central Coast, our design needed take into account that professional theatrical companies will have the opportunity to hire the venue for their own shows.

The design took into account the following system elements:

Structured Infrastructure Backbone

The key to the base infrastructure backbone design was to ensure there was enough capacity for the school’s current needs as well as ensuring any future requirements can and will be met.

Performance Audio System

The brief was to create a performance audio solution that can cater for the solo artist, rock concert and anything in between. To ensure the brief was met, an Ease audio plot was created for the room. Also, an important element in the design was to provide a solution that allowed for the low latency recording and distribution of the digital audio files over an ethernet network. In practice, students sitting in a classroom 500m away could hear the performance in the PAC in real time. The Dante audio networking platform was instrumental in the delivery of this requirement.

The Audio system’s main components comprised of the following:

  • Digital Audio Desk – Yamaha CL3, 64 Channel + Associated Yamaha RIO Stage Boxes
  • Front of House Audio System – Jands VRX 928 series
  • Amplifiers – Crown XTI series
  • Digital Signal Processing – London BSS – BLU 806

Video Display System

The original design included two very large digital projection displays mounted either side of the stage. This was to ensure that all people seated in the PAC could see very clearly the information being displayed. A recent upgrade to the system has seen a centre screen being installed which is being used as a back drop for performances.

The key products in the Video System are:

  • Data Projection – Panasonic PT- DZ870EK
  • Digital Video Distribution and Control – Crestron DMPS-300-C

Lighting System

The main requirement for the lighting system was to ensure there was adequate base infrastructure for all of the PAC’s future requirements. At its core the solution has extensive DMX, Wall Patching, Dimmer and switched power systems.

As students and staging professionals alike were going to be involved in creating lighting and effects scenes, the client requested a lighting interface that was both feature rich for those who needed it and something that made it easy to create, store and play saved scenes.

The key components in the lighting system are:

  • Lighting Desk – ETC- ELC40-250
  • Dimmer/ Switched and Patching Systems – Jands JND-WM Patches
  • Lighting Fixtures – Various ETC Led Par Cans, Profiles, Fresnels, Follow Spots

Staging System

The professional team at Jands Theatre Projects designed and installed a theatrical rig that features a 20m Motorised Lighting Bar, Multiple Fixed over stage lighting bars and various drapery systems.

Given the compressed delivery time frame and a set opening night, head of EO Design’s project delivery team, Mr Steve Hallet, was integral in the successful delivery of this project. With over 35 years of experience in the theatrical and staging space his input on a number of key aspects of the project ensured the client was delivered a system that exceeded initial expectations.