eo - to go forth, progress and prosper

The philosophy and culture of our company

Etymology 1

From Proto-Indo-European *hey-. Cognate with Ancient Greek (eîmi, “I go”), Sanskrit (éti, “goes”), Hittite ‎(iyatta, “goes”), Luwian ‎(iti, “goes”), Old Persian (aitiy, “goes”), Old Church Slavonic ‎(iti).


(present infinitive īre, perfect active iī, supine itum); irregular conjugation

  1. I go.

    Romani ite domum!
    Romans, go home!

    Romani ierunt domum.
    The Romans have gone home.

  2. I proceed, advance.
  3. I result, happen as a consequence.
  4. I prepare (for some action); I set about.

EO derives it name from ancient Greece. Just as the ancient Greeks were great innovators, resourceful and strived for advancement. EO Design has proven extensively over many years that if a client can dream it we can build it.

We have created industry leading solutions which set us apart from the rest and which are undoudbtely the yard stick that sets the bar that others aspire to achieve; From a one of a kind interactive customer experience centre for Isoft which was nestled in a room shaped like a heart, to a 100 screen critical response control room display wall for the NSW Rural Fire Service (which at the time of construction was one of the largest wall of its type in the world - certainly the biggest in Australia) and to our latest creation an ultra hitch 55m2 passenger information display for Sydney Trains.

Our greatest strength and why you would choose EO Design over other integrators is our people. Our Managing Director has over 20 years experience is the design and delivery of Audio Visual Solutions. The head of projects has 35 years experience in staging, events and systems delivery. These men are supported by a dedicated team of AV professionals whom each strive to ensure ALL projects are “delivered to the EO standard”.

By engaging EO you can be assured we wont rest until your project is completed and wont take a backwards step when things get tough. Our extensive experience in the delivery of audio visual solutions will assure you of a successful and well built solution.

Ten soldiers wisely led will beat a hundred without a head. - Euripides

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